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Top Five

Top Five WWME Notables for June 2020

By June 9, 2020July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. Make it Your Quest! – This is your parish, as well! AM 1160 THE QUEST – Atlanta Catholic Radio. Listen online, or on AM 1160 in Atlanta. See for information and programming.
  2. New and Improved Red Top Cabins – We are still on for Red Top October 23-25 – cabins will be made available soon!  Many of them have been rebuilt, remodeled and enlarged to 3 bedrooms! The cost is a little higher, but you can ‘buddy’ up with another family!  Please contact Angel & Liz Bonet ( for more information and look for info in the eSpirit and on our web site!
  3. eSpirit Info – Community events, dialogue questions, prayer requests, love notes to couples in the M.E. community.  Read the e-spirit, there may be a love note in there for you!  If you want to send a love note or share a relationship article or presentation, send them to if you are not getting the e-spirit, go to for back issues, and to sign up to receive them.
  4. Get back in the inviting swing! – Now that Parishes have started back, make an appointment with your clergy (Priests, Deacons, Seminarians) and invite them for dinner.  Offer your help in making Marriage Encounter available to the couples in the parish. (Not pulpit talks yet, but maybe handing out brochures on the landing after Mass.) Invite them on a weekend and check online to make sure the WWME info is in your bulletin.
  5. Down, but not Out – We were so sad to have to cancel April and June weekends due to Covid-19.  We are planning for the Aug. 28th weekend, so start inviting! We have 3 couples as of now, so PLEASE look at your fridge list and think of 5 or 10 couples that deserve the weekend!  Now, more than ever, couples may need the beautiful ‘tool’ of dialogue that we learn on the weekend!  If you have not gone in over 10 years, prayerfully consider experiencing another weekend.  The remaining dates this year are Oct. 16-18 and Nov. 13 – 15.