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Top Five

Top Five WWME Notables for May 2020

By May 14, 2020July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. Use the eSpirit to Stay Connected – Write and send love notes to others in the M.E. community!  Let them know you are thinking of them! Send them to  If you are not getting the e-spirit, subscribe at
  2. Have any great dialogue questions? – Share them with the Community! Send them to the eSpirit ( for the in the Dialogue Corner! Remember, one of the best ways to stay connected in your relationship is through dialogue, sharing and experiencing each other’s feelings, listening and validating each other.  Below are a few of our favorites. Remember that in your workbooks from your Weekend, there is a page with the dialogue feeling words and ways to describe your feelings.
    • What is something you have learned about yourself or your relationship during this pandemic and staying at home?  HDIFAMA? (How do I feel about my answer?)
    • What is your favorite indoor activity? HDIFAMA?
    • What is something positive that has happened to me or our relationship during this stay at home?  HDIFAMA
    • What is my strongest feeling spending 2 months, day in and day out with your during this pandemic?
    • What is my strongest feeling when I think about all the Zoom and virtual meetings we are doing? DILD.  (Describe in loving detail)
    • Why am I proud of you?  HDIFSTWY?  (How do I feel sharing this with you?)
  1. Not even a pandemic can stop us! – Please help invite, as we are still having our June 26-28 Weekend!  Attached is a template inviting email you can send to your friends and family. Make it your own! The email describes a few of the precautions we are taking to make sure the couples are safe.  Some couples, now more than ever, deserve a Weekend.  The stay-at-home order has caused many stresses in relationships. Look at your ‘fridge list’ from your Weekend workbook.  Think of names in your contact list that deserve this beautiful weekend.  We are capping the June 26-28 weekend at 12 couples.  We have room for a few more on that weekend, but also have Aug. 28 – 30, Oc.t 16 – 18, and Nov. 13 – 15th.  If you have not gone on a Weekend in some time, consider going again.  Your relationship changes and it is a great way to reconnect.  We can offer $35 off the $75 application fee to anyone who signs up for June.  Please reach out to 5 or more couples! Remember what the weekend did for you! Anybody call us (Roger and Annie Borrello) 678-242-WWME (9963) is the hotline #, or go to the website:
  2. Bulletin Requests are still going out – Even if they aren’t being printed, perhaps they are on your church’s web site. Please check your to see if the M.E. bulletin announcement is in yours, and if not, please direct your parish secretary to or contact Roger & Annie at
  3. New Look for WWME – In July WWME will be launching some new branding! It’s fresh and updated, and also true to our “legacy look”. In advance of this, they have launched a new Community web site for Encountered couples with tons of great resources. It can be found at and we suggest looking through it to find all the hidden gems!