Why it is important for a priest to experience a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend?

“Whether you do it for your people or for yourself, just take a weekend off from your ministry and experience a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. It was the most important weekend that I spent in my 25 years of priesthood. I really believe that those whom I have served as Pastor since my Weekend would agree.”

Fr. Dennis Hughes

“As a result of my Weekend I gained a profound respect for the Sacrament of Matrimony. In a ministry where almost all of a priest’s time is spent with people who are, will be, or have been married, this understanding I gained from the Weekend has been invaluable.”

Fr. John Curran

“On my Weekend I began to understand just how important love was in my life. The fact that people loved me and that it was all right for me to love in return, was the beginning of a major transformation to the fullness of my priesthood.”

Bishop John J. Kaising, D.D.

“If you are tired of being just another human doing, instead of a human being, the Weekend helps you to reflect on your own experience of ministry and your value as a person. The Weekend humbles priests to see how holy their people are in their courage to live out their Sacrament. I sensed the awesome presence of the power of the Lord as He moves the hearts of His people.”

Fr. Tom Devery

“One of my most profound moments of renewal since ordination, took place not on a retreat among fellow priests or religious, but in a hotel conference room filled with married couples!”

Fr. Al Jowdy

What can Worldwide Marriage Encounter do for your ministry?

  • Makes good marriages greater!
  • Strengthens family life and spirituality!
  • Calls couples to lay ministry and provides leadership in your parish!
  • Helps your people understand the churches desire for their happiness and love!

Yes, Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends are designed in such a way that both Priests and Religious can participate fully. The principles of love, commitment and effective communications translate quite easily to the relationship between a priest and those he ministers.

Countless Priests, Bishops and Cardinals have attended a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. Why not join your brother priests and enrich your priesthood by attending this powerful and moving Weekend?

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