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Recorded Presentations (and more!)

By October 2, 2020July 28th, 2021No Comments

We wanted to share a valuable resource, if your Sharing Group needs a little boost getting a presentation in place for your 10-and-10.

The new web page has so many Community Resources on the Community page. You can explore around that page for all sorts of things, including the Encounter Resource Library (, which is a SharePoint site that contains a huge amount of resources. It can be truly daunting, even to “seasoned” veterans!

But let us focus on one aspect of this site, the Virtual Communities. Just because it says “virtual”, you can still utilize the resources in person. Or you can try to setup a “hybrid” and have a computer and large monitor setup, so you can have remote couples, as well.

If you notice at the bottom of the Community Resources page, there are¬†Sharing Group Presentation Videos.¬†Under that section are so many recorded presentations that you can use for your Sharing Group! We would recommend that the couple that offers to be the “presenters”, who may not have been able to put one together themselves, take 1 of 2 tracts.

  1. Watch the presentation as a couple, and determine if they can write it up themselves, staying consistent with the theme, and introducing their own personal sharings into it.
  2. Watch the presentation as a couple, and be the “presenters of the presentation” while it is played for all the couples in the Sharing Group.

Either of these options would allow your Sharing Group to have a meaningful 10-and-10 with the optional sharing!

We hope this helps!

Love, Roger & Annie