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Top Five

Top 5 Notables for April 2019

By April 11, 2019July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. Be brave and Invite!! –  Our May 3-5 Weekend is low on couples.  If we don’t a few more couples by Tuesday, April 16, we may have to cancel it.  We haven’t cancelled a weekend in many years ☹!
    • Send an e-mail to your friends or call them to invite them on a weekend!  Offer them a coupon code SAVE-50 which gives them $50.00 off of the $75.00 application fee for May.  The other weekends available are June 21-23, August 9-11, September 27-29, and November 8-10.
    • If you haven’t gone on a weekend in while, prayerfully consider going again! Your relationship is in a different place than it was when you went the 1st time and all marriages deserve some type of enrichment each year!!
    • We have a 10-minute inviting talk that we can give to your ministry leaders, men’s or women’s club, Knights of Columbus, Mom’s group, etc!  Talk to your groups and see if they are interested or ask us for help writing your own!  Contact Roger and Annie for more information!
    • Everyone is welcome at every Sing Out to greet the couples!!  3:00 on the Sunday of the weekend being held. Marriott Peachtree Corners (475 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092)
  1. Share your personal experience! – Tell your priests/pastor how great your Marriage Encounter Weekend was for your marriage! We need their support to build up more marriages!  If more couples tell them they had a great weekend, they will realize how much this program can help their people.  If they experience the weekend, they can understand the weekend more fully and recommend the weekend to couples who come to them needing Marriage advice.  It will also enhance his Priesthood!  Invite your Priests to attend a weekend!! Here’s a brochure to share!
  1. Blow the Top off Red top!! – We need leaders or co-leaders for Red top this year!  The dates are Oct. 25-27). Contact Mike and Meredith Brinkmann for more information!
  1. Where’s the eSpirit? – If you would like to help put together information for our community newsletter (the eSpirit) please contact Doug and Maureen Newlands  This is a great role and very important to help keep community engaged and up to date on events.  The newsletter also contains Love Notes that you all can write for other Encountered couples, prayer intentions, marriage related articles, WEDS presentations, and things like that.  You can send materials to
  1. Come Together, Right Now! – We have big news about WWME and EMM in GATN! Our communities are coming together, along with leadership, to form a unified family… More news to come soon! ¡Tenemos grandes noticias sobre Worldwide Marriage Encounter y Encuentro Matrimonial Mundial en GATN! ¡Nuestras comunidades se están uniendo, junto con el liderazgo, para formar una familia unificada… Más noticias por venir pronto!