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Top Five

Top Five Notables for March 2019

By March 7, 2019July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. Questions, questions, questions! – Get on the daily dialogue email list by filling out this form or find your own each day in one of several categories at Collect a bunch on strips of paper and put them in a jar for random drawings. Online dialog pamphlet is here:
  1. Where are the Weekends? – All the M.E. weekends are held at the Atlanta Marriott Peachtree Corners.  The address is 475 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092. Remaining 2019 dates are May 3-5, June 21-23, August 9-11, September 27-29, and November 8-10.  Community is always welcome to come to the Sing Out at 3:00 on the Sunday of the Weekend to welcome the couples to our community!
  1. Prayer Warriors Needed! – Pray for a specific couple on the Weekend or pray for a specific hour for the entire Weekend! To be a prayer couple, contact Paul & Renee Armstrong ( to request to be put on the Prayer Couple list, or the Prayer Vigil list. Assignments are made based upon common Sharing Group, church, or nearby geography. Formation is necessary and easy! To be a Prayer Couple: a) pray for the couple during their Weekend, b) light a candle during their Weekend, c) write a letter of support and encouragement to the couple for them to read during their Weekend, d) come to the Sunday Sing Out at the hotel to greet them, e) encourage them to attend a Sharing Group. If you cannot make the Sing Out, make sure there is someone that can, to take your place. Use a pillar candle with a WWME sticker (see #4). Have a gift of dialogue books ready to give them! There is a Signup Genius used for the Prayer Vigil. To sign up for an hour, contact Ron & Sally Rice (
  1. WWME Bling! – Gifts From Your Heart web store is This is the place to get all WWME “swag” like stickers, logoed items, nametags, etc.
  1. Be brave and Invite!! –  Invite couples and priests on the next weekend (May 3-5). Be familiar with the and call or send out an e-mail to 5 friends to invite. Keep your “refrigerator list” updated! At every church event, look around for couples and when you see one that deserves a Weekend, prayerfully consider that as an opportunity to invite. Keep some brochures on you so you can invite on the spot, or when you go home send them an e-mail with the website and dates! It is so important for young couples. We are empty nesters now and we are grateful for going on a Weekend early when our child was at home!  Invite your Priest! Use this brochure: to learn how it helps them in their ministry and in their lives!