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Top Five

Top Five Notables for January 2019

By March 7, 2019July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. World Marriage Day Ball – Tickets are on sale! The date of the ball is Saturday, February 16th at the Marriott Peachtree Corners!  There is a live band!!  There will be a bigger dance floor this year!  Great dinner and dancing!  It sold out last year, so get your tickets early!  To register, go to  or contact Eric & Denise Hoell, the committee chairs (
  1. Monsignor Bills retirement party! – Nov. 2018 was Monsignor Bills last weekend to present! He is retiring from Marriage encounter.  He has been presenting M.E. weekends for 32 years!  We want to honor and thank him for all he has done! He has touched so many couples through the years and we want to honor him! We want to invite you to his retirement celebration!  Please join us!  Please invite any other M.E. couples you feel would like to come.  All of the M.E. community is invited!  Families and kids welcome of course!  Call us if you have any questions!  Annie and Roger –  678-283-2697
  1. Inviting and Parish contact couple – Please let us know if you will be a CONTACT couple for your Parish! To help us keep updated brochures in your Parish, bulletin announcements in your bulletin, etc!  Please let us know when you are having a ministry fair at your Parish!  Ask you Parish office when it is and give us enough notice that we can get brochures to you with the new 2019 dates!  Borrello’s and Newlands’ have brochures!  Please let us know if your pastor will allow us to come present an enrichment at your Parish!!  Ask if you can get something scheduled!  We have a great 2-hour enrichment called “Men are Like Waffles and Women are Like Spaghetti”.  Contact us if you want more information!
  1. The E-spirit is our Newsletter to the M.E. community! Thank you to Micheal and Samantha Garza for helping with this!  They need content for the issues, so please send them articles, pertaining to marriage, presentations, recipes, love notes for other M.E. couples, and also prayers for the prayer corner.  There are many couples in our M.E. community that need prayers!  As well as our families and friends!  Send to
  1. 2019 Weekend Dates are Here – Please help invite to the weekend!  let couples know about your experience and what a great weekend it is! for more information and to sign up.  New 2019 dates!  If you want to be on the list to be a prayer couple for a couple in your Parish that is on the weekend, contact Paul and Rene Armstrong Please check your Parish for brochures!!!  If they have the old 2018 dates in it, print the insert with the new dates by going to and printing the 2019 Insert file (or get new brochures with the 2019 dates from the Borrello’s or the Newlands!!) All weekends held at the Marriott Peachtree Corners:
    • March 1-3, May 3-5, June 21-23, August 9-11, September 27-29, November 8-10