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Top Five

Top Five Notables for September 2018

By August 30, 2018July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. Inviting Plan – Did you know that each WEDS group should take responsibility for inviting couples to the Weekend? This doesn’t have to be complicated or detailed. Encourage your couples to refresh the “refrigerator list” they made on Sunday of their Weekend. Have someone check the brochure rack for up-to-date brochures or put in inserts with the new dates. No brochure rack? Time to have a couple speak to the Pastor! They can let him know what the Weekend did for them and go from there! Ministry Fair? Check with your Parish Office and ask for WWME representation. Contact for tips!
  1. Fr. Chuck Gallagher Fund – This is an endowment fund intended to significantly lower the cost of the WWME weekends. Currently all training activity for Team couples is funded by our local region, and those costs are added to the weekend cost we request per couple. When the Fr. Chuck Gallagher Fund becomes fully funded, all training activity will be paid for by its earnings, and remove a significant cost from our weekends. Find all the info here: There is also a wonderful video here:
  1. 35th Annual Red Top Reunion – October 26 – 28th!  Cabin rental is here! First choice to those that chair a committee. Contact Mike & Christy Maetz to help with: Living Rosary, middle and high school parties, printing, kid’s activities, and more! Please contact them to see how you and your WEDS group can help out!!  and
  1. Want to have a Ball? – The 34th Annual World Marriage Day Ball will be on February 16th, 2019. Committees are forming, and there’s a special need around fundraising. If that is a gift that you have to offer, please contact Eric & Denise Hoell at
  1. Did we already say invite?! – Our numbers have been quite low, and due to the news we are about to divulge, most all of our Weekends we held in 2018 would likely be cancelled in 2019 because of the low numbers. Both Fr. Joe Brando and Msgr. Bill Hoffman will be retiring from WWME after their respective Weekends this year. That makes both of the upcoming Sing Outs all the more important, to give them a well-deserved send-off. Sing Outs are at 3pm on Sunday of the Weekend. Because we won’t have a local priest in 2019, all priests will have to come from out of our Encounter, which means higher costs. That also means we are competing with other Encounters, should there be overlap in Weekend dates, and the Encounter with the low number of couples will have to cancel without a priest. Thinking about inviting a priest? Use this brochure to find out more, and share it:

September 28 – 30 (Hyatt Place 3530 Venture Parkway Duluth)
November 16 -18 (Marriott, 475 Technology Parkway, Peachtree Corners)