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Top Five

Top Five WWME Notables for March 2018

By March 8, 2018July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!


  1. New Prayer Couple Coordinators! We are transitioning the Prayer couple coordinator from Doug and Maureen Newlands, to Paul and Renee Armstrong!  (Thank you, Doug and Maureen, as well as John and Kathy Bryan) for helping with this position!!  And thank you Paul and Rene (with the help of Mike and Meredith Brinkmann) for stepping in and revitalizing it!  Look for an e-mail from Paul and Renee describing the details and responsibilities of being a Prayer Couple.  It is not only praying and writing a letter but attending the Sing Out and greeting the couple and encouraging them to attend the WEDS meetings!  We would like at least one couple from each WEDS group to sign up with their WEDS leaders to be at the sing out to greet couples off the weekend.  All couples off the weekend have a Prayer Couple, and one of the requirements of the prayer couple is to come to the sing out to greet their couple.  Whenever the situation comes up that a Prayer couple can’t make it to the sing out to greet them, as often is the case for couples from outside of the area, it is so important to have a greeter after the weekend! It can be very lonely for a couple to not have anyone to greet them on Sunday.
  2. Help Wanted! We have some important jobs that need to be filled in the community!   Please contact Doug and Maureen Newlands, the new Area leaders!
  • Red Top Coordinator – If you have been to Red top and you love this weekend, maybe this is the time for you (and your WEDS group?)  to help organize this weekend!  We need someone to coordinate tasks and guide couples in the organizing of this awesome weekend family event!  There are a lot of guidelines on how it has been run in the past, and couples to help.  We need a coordinator.  Red top is Oct. 26 27, 28th this year!
  • Eucharistic Congress Coordinator – Someone to set up (Fridaynight June 1st) and organize volunteers for the Eucharist congress (June 2nd).  The volunteers will hand out brochures for 30 minutes or so between sessions and help in this incredible spiritual weekend.  It is one of the most awesome inviting opportunities!  It is important to start getting volunteers by May 2nd.  We’ll have plenty of brochures to invite priests to the Weekend!
  • Prayer Vigil Coordinator – The prayer vigil contains names of couples that will pray for every hour of the Weekend. Their prayers are in your hands! Deliver to the Weekend and collect for the next. We have a new method in the works using SignupGenius, which will make this even easier!
  • Super SundayCoordinator – A Super Sunday is a weekend where the Priest allows for 3 to 5-minute Witness Talks at all masses on a given Sat/Sun.  We need someone to handle the administration of the activities involved, like scheduling speakers and bulletin announcements. We have 10 – 12 witness speakers.  All are welcome to write a witness talk (we have couples who can help you with writing one) and talk to your Priest (this is a big but wonderful task!!!)  to schedule a Super Sunday, let Doug and Maureen know!
  • Parish Inviting Couple – Be the voice of WWME in your parish! Keep tabs on the bulletin coordinator to make sure they are receiving the weekly mailings. Talk to your pastor about the importance of WWME to the church, and to the world.
  1. eSpirit Content Wanted Please send articles, questions, content and love notes to other M.E. couples in the community, and prayer intentions for the eSpirit, which is our M.E. Newsletter!  Use to send to the eSpirit team, and make sure you are subscribed by going to and fill out the form. If a couple did a great presentation at a WEDS meeting, did something special, put on a great Red Top auction event, or anything you want to thank an encountered couple for… send a love note!!  Everyone likes to get love notes!  The eSpirit is e-mailed to all encountered couples, and if it’s going into your spam folder, make sure to subscribe at the link above.
  2. Resources for Dialogue – Find new dialogue questions every day for multiple categories at and find helpful Feeling Words at
  3. Invite, invite, invite!!!  We need more couples on the weekends and we need your help!!  Call the couples that were on your ‘fridge’ list from the weekend!!  Call your friends and family that deserve a weekend!!  You know what a gift if was for you… pass it on and share that joy by inviting your friends to attend a weekend!! Mention or 678-242-WWME.

Remaining dates of the weekends: