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Complete List of “Jobs”

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Weekend Pillar

The Weekend Pillar is responsible for Pre-Weekend and Weekend activities. These include Inviting, Registration, Hosting, Prayer Couples, and COJ Data.

Weekend Pillar Chair

This couple is responsible to the Encounter Leaders for reporting status and action items for activities listed under the Weekend Pillar. Gifts: Leadership, responsibility, loyalty, passion, and time.

Weekend Application

The application couples should be well versed in WWME principles, as well as computer savvy. The WAS system has become a focal point of handling sacraments on the Weekend, and new capabilities are added all the time. They also should have a good rapport on the telephone, able to make registering couples comfortable. The tasks are broken up into Application and Confirmation.


Application Couple: Makes initial contact, gathering initial information as applications come in. The 678-242-WWME Google number is directed to the phone(s) of their choice, and they are responsible for picking up calls, and returning inquiry messages. Receive, note, and forward checks to the finance couple. Effort: about 15-20 hours per WWME Weekend. Gifts: Web application, responsible, trustworthy, communication, calm demeanor, enthusiasm, versed on the Weekend principles, or able to learn.


Confirmation Couple: Makes contact closer to the Weekend, and goes through a list of questions, confirming that the WWME Weekend is the proper experience for the sacrament. Effort: about 5-8 hours per WWME Weekend. Gifts: Phone, organization, web application, versed on the Weekend principles, or able to learn.


Follow-Up Calls: This couple calls couples who need to re-register for a Weekend after the are put “on the parking lot”. Effort: about 2-3 hours per WWME Weekend. Gifts: Phone, versed on the Weekend principles, or able to learn.

Weekend Inviting

Listed below are specific jobs, but nothing takes the place of couple-to-couple inviting! Energetic, upbeat, brave, outgoing couples are perfect for some of the more “cold call” types of inviting. There are also more “behind-the-scenes” activities, for those less willing to put themselves “out there”.


Pastor Contact Couple:  Couples seek out Pastors willing to allow us to present 3 or 5-minute Witness Talks during Masses & pass out brochures at their parishes.  This is called a Super Sunday and it includes visiting M.E. Witness Speakers, who will speak from the podium during Homily or just after Communion time.  Pastor Contact Couples need not give the witness talks, unless they choose to.  The Pastor Contact Couple can talk to pastors by phone or visit their offices in person. Gifts: Charismatic, sales oriented, energetic, persistent, and good communication.


Bulletin Notices & Brochures (BNB): Maintain the Archdiocesan contact list, and send Bulletin notices and brochures to them. This list includes both Parish Office personnel, and Parish Inviting Couples as noted below. Effort: about 2-3 hours per month.  Gifts: Organization, mail merging, “snail mailing”, productivity skills (Excel, Outlook, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.)


Parish Inviting Couples:  We need many couples who can make sure that their parish has a supply of WWME brochures on hand for interested people to take home.  They also check their parish bulletins for WWME notices for upcoming Weekends and speak to the parish secretary about including these notices if there are none. This Couple can also ask their pastor if he is willing to allow a WWME inviting Super Sunday (mentioned above) at his parish, or to get an Enrichment scheduled. They report back to the BNB Couple. Gifts: Outgoing, connected.


Witness Speakers:  Writing a Witness talk is always a good idea to do after your Weekend, in order to maintain a before/during/after record of how your Weekend experience was. We always need more Witness Speakers willing to write a 3-5 min. inviting talk, and giving it from the Pulpit during Weekend Masses at parishes where we are putting on inviting Super-Sunday events.  Opportunities to do this vary. The Witness talk has a specific outline to write to and a couple to help them shape their talks so they are “WWME friendly”. This role is fun and gratifying if you do not mind speaking in front of a room full of strangers.  Experienced Witness Speakers may take 30-60 minute inviting talks to various parish ministries, such as Mother’s Groups, Dad’s Breakfasts, Priest Deanery meetings, etc. Effort: Initial effort of about 4-8 hours for writing/formation. Gifts: Willing to write to an outline, faith greater than their fear, and believe in the transformative power of the Weekend.


Press Releases: Author press releases, and send to 60+ weekly newspapers in GA and TN. Gifts: Communication, especially writing.


Eucharistic Congress Couples/Families:  Each year we need a few couples to attend the Eucharistic Congress to help man our information display table & pass out brochures.  One Couple/Family is chosen to carry the Marriage Encounter Banner in the Procession.  Gifts: Love the Eucharistic, and believe in the transformative power of the Weekend.



The Hosting Couples perform setup/takedown duties for each Weekend. Storage space helps, and perhaps grouping with your WEDS group to provide manpower. Timing is essential to get the room setup. This can truly be a team effort, with setup on Friday, and takedown on Sunday.


Weekend Hosting Couples:

Effort: about 10-15 hours per WWME Weekend. Specific task breakdown:

  • Stock, set up and take down Weekend supplies (workbooks, WEDS manuals, pens, candy). Gifts: Storage space, time, good printer(s), web application skills, office supply shopping, light physical exertion (load/unload boxes).
  • Gifts: Time, good printer, Avery label acumen, web application
    • Get any updated Weekend take-home packet information from Leadership Couple.
    • Nametags, table tents, door signs (for picture taking), hotel check-in sheet, table index cards, and certificates (if requested) from TheWAS web application
    • Extended dialogue questions, take home packet info (and collate into the manila envelopes)
  • Setup audio equipment (Public Address system, wireless mic, CD player to line-in). Gifts: Rudimentary understanding of audio connections
  • Greet and sign in couples (give keys & Fri night info sheets). Gifts: Cheerful disposition and welcoming attitude




Weekend Liturgy Couple:

  • Mass kit supplied with Communion hosts & wine. Gifts: Sacristan, Extraordinary minister of the Eucharist
  • Mass Kit Lectionary (Fri/Sat/Sun Scripture Readings). Gifts: Word processing, lector


Weekend Support Couple Gifts: Use contact list to get vigil prayer warriors, Word processing, printing, reliability

  • Find couples to fill in blank prayer slots
  • Format and print Prayer Vigil Scroll from previous Weekend
  • Print a blank Prayer Vigil Scroll for the next Weekend
  • Retrieve current Coupon Code for Gift Certificates
  • Format and print Gift Certificates for take-home packets
  • Ensure delivery of the scrolls and Gift Certificates to the Weekend Friday or Saturday


Prayer Couples

Prayer Couples are essential to the Weekend experience, as you already know. Some amount of training is required, so the Prayer Couple understand how to perform their tasks, and the importance of their calling.


Prayer Couple Coordinator: The Prayer Couple Coordinator makes the assignments of the Prayer Couples to the sacraments on the Weekend. This entails maintaining a list of active couples, and their WEDS groups, and performing periodic training. Effort: about 5-10 hours per WWME Weekend. Gifts:  Web application, organization, calmness under pressure, geography knowledge, can-do attitude


Prayer Couple Letter Delivery: This couple is the recipient of all the Prayer Couple Letters up until the Wednesday or Thursday of the Weekend. They make delivery of all letters received to the hotel Friday night of a Weekend. Effort: about 2-3 hours per WWME Weekend. Gifts:  Patience, geographically close to the Weekend location (Peachtree Corners at this time) is a plus, or able to time travel (or time their travel)


Prayer Couples:  These couples pray for 1 couple during a Weekend & write them a letter.  They attend the Sing-out, and act as the “Welcome Wagon” for their couple, and help them find a WEDS group. Priority is given to couples attending the same WEDS, but many times there are couples from areas not served by a WEDS group. This service can be a one-time thing or repeated for several Weekends if you choose. Effort: about 1-2 hours per WWME Weekend. Gifts: Believe in the transformative power of the Weekend, believe in the power of prayer, able to hand write a letter



Community Pillar

The Community Pillar is essentially every Sacrament that has attended a Weekend, and understands and believes in the “Journeying with Others” principal taught on the Weekend (as well as the other 4 tools, of course). They provide the “couple power” to every role in this document.


Community Pillar Leader

The Community Pillar Leader works closely with the Encounter Leaders. They adhere to the principals of the Weekend, and they inspire others to do so, as well. Many of the tasks listed below should be handled by couples that are part of the Community Pillar Committees. Effort: about 8-10 hours per month.  Gifts: Leadership, responsibility, loyalty, passion, and time.

  • Monthly Meetings
    • New couple onboarding as needed
    • Agenda development
    • Creation of sub teams to focus on particular needs
  • Weekend Support
    • Looking over the WEDS assignments for couples on the Weekend, and being the liaison to the Weekend Team Support Couple
    • Attending the sing-outs to greet any couples who are missing their Prayer Couple
  • Team & Community Communication
    • Facebook posts scheduled with upcoming events or great results of weekends etc…
    • Top 5 – This is a list of the 5 most important items the WEDS Leaders should know about, and provide to their couples
    • Sending out the eSpirit via Mailchimp.
    • Checking in with folks during the month to see how any projects or tasks were going
    • Sending anything else needed via Mailchimp or email to team, community, WEDS leaders etc…
    • Work with Encounter Leaders to ensure goals and priorities are aligned etc…
  • Event Coordination
    • Help form committees (see below)
    • Help with the marketing and communication
    • Help event leaders in any way they need it
  • Goal development
    • Help identify the ways we can best help the community and help the community focus on doing fewer things better
  • WEDS Support
    • Annual dinner with learning & sharing opportunities
    • Updates to the guides etc…
    • Inspire couple power
    • Help with materials etc…


Community Event Committees: We always need couples to help put on our big annual events (Epiphany PartyWorld Marriage Day Ball, Spring Fling Campout & Picnic, Red Top Mountain Family Reunion, and Marriage Enrichment Day).  For each of these events there are different roles required to make them run smoothly.  Some of these roles include: Advertising, Registration, Coordinating Catering or Pot Luck Meals, Organizing & acquiring Silent Auctions Items, Decorating, Adult / Family Activities (such as Ice-Breakers, Scavenger Hunt), Kids Crafts & Games (such as 3 legged race, balloon toss), and “Teen Cabin Party” Chaperones at Red Top.  Being part of a committee allows you to get to know other couples, a few at a time, influence the events and have fun as you become involved. Being on the Red Top Committee assures you the chance to use of one of the 18 park cabins during the weekend.


WEDS Group Leaders:  Couples who live in areas where there is no current Witness*Enrich*Dialogue*Support group, can chose to start one.  They will be given help finding couples to join their group and with training & materials to teach the ways to set up & maintain a GATN Area WEDS group.  The WEDS group Leader usually passes on this role to other couples in their group after a couple of years, or shares co-leadership.  This role is of huge importance to our overall Community but does not have to be demanding. WEDS Meetings are generally held once a month in the members’ homes, but they can be held at local parishes.  The meetings include a brief presentation (with Marriage Encounter / Christian values), time for couples’ dialogue, voluntary group sharing, and social time. WEDS groups often support our Community Events in a variety of optional ways which can be a lot of fun, and they openly accept & support couples fresh off the WWME Weekend.


The Enrichment Project:  We need couples willing to pay-it-forward, by joining our new Enrichment Project.  This group organizes and presents a variety of Marriage Enrichments to different parishes. These enrichments and can last 1- 6 hours long and take different formats.  Again a Committee like this requires couples with a variety of skills like coordinating advertising, registration, locating parishes to host them, setting up the sound systems, or presenting parts of the presentations, which may be 5 minutes to 2 hours long.  (As with giving Witness talks, Marriage Enrichment speakers are given outlines to write to and help editing their talks to make sure the message is WWME friendly.)


Babysitting Ministry: We need several couples open to become certified (by the Archdioceses) as Baby-sitters & willing watch M.E. children during Weekend Renewals, Board Meetings and Community Enrichments.  This is an important service and we desperately need a larger pool of Babysitting couples.


eSpirit Editor: We need a couple that can gather articles, format a newsletter, and send to a distribution. Effort: about 4-5 hours per month. Gifts: Energized by meeting deadlines, have strong grasp of word processing and editing. Strong English skills are a plus, but we are not graded. We have an existing product used, but main need is to generate a PDF. Ability to use MailChimp or similar mailing tool would also be a plus.

Structure Pillar

Writers/ Reporters: We need couples who can write articles for our E-Spirit Newsletter and/or GA Bulletin Catholic Newspaper.  These articles might feature interviews of active couples or WEDS groups, or reports on Community Events, Service Projects and the gifts of the Weekend to boost attendance.   These articles would be reviewed by the Encounter Leaders to assure that they are WWME friendly.


Web Site Maintenance:  We occasionally need couples with specific IT skills to maintain our web Site