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Top Five

Top Five WWME Notables for December

By December 6, 2017July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. 33rd Annual World Marriage Day Ball Saturday, February 17th!  Peachtree Corners Marriott. Choose your own seats! Make it a WEDS gathering! See for details.
  2. The Wall-of-Wine – Back by popular demand – We will be having a Wall of Wine! We are again asking Sharing Groups to donate wine for the wall as you all did last year.  We would request groups solicit donations for white or red wine that will be offered as part of the wall.  The wine should be a 750ml bottle size and have a retail value of AT LEAST$10. That’s important to making it a great offering! We ask that you collect any donations by January 15th. That will give us time to properly organize the event.  It would be appreciated if you can consolidate donations with groups in similar areas for pick up.  Please email Jeff Parow with the wine name, type, and retail value once you have it collected to arrange pick up.  Jeff’s email is
  3. Fill the 2018 Weekends by Inviting!!!   We need your help to get the word out!! What a GREAT Christmas gift the weekend is!!  E-mail 5 – 10 friends and let them know they deserve a weekend!!  The next weekend is February 23 – 25 at a new hotel!!!  The Hyatt Place in Duluth!  To sign up, go to   We have 2 locations for weekends now (Hyatt Place Duluth, and Marriott Peachtree corners where we have had them for a few years)  The rest of the weekend dates are: April 20 – 22 (Marriott Peachtree Corners), June 15 – 17 (Marriott Peachtree corners), August 10 -12 (Hyatt Place Duluth), Sept. 28 – 30 (Marriott Peachtree corners), Nov. 16 – 18th (Hyatt Place).
  4. Red top was Awesome!!  If you went this year and want to see photos, the link is!AnRevIeM2vhDiiU0OzCHbez6esdF ! Red Top date for 2018 is October 26  to October 28 (eSpirit was incorrect!).
  5. Dialoguing for Dummies! Attached is a dialogue worksheet that helps when you are learning dialogue!  WE have a lot of new couples in WEDS, so please share this worksheet.  If you have some great dialogue questions, share with your group!  Thanks to Eric & Denise Hoell for sharing!


WEDS Dialogue Worksheet 2015