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Top Five

Top Five WWME Notables for April 2020

By April 18, 2020July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. New Web Site for Community – WWME has launched a new web site for Encountered couples with tons of great resources. It can be found at and we suggest looking through it to find all the hidden gems!
  2. Inviting needs your help – The stay-at-home order has made it very difficult to do “normal” inviting. Churches are not publishing bulletins on paper, or online. We need to utilize personal contacts, whether in person or via phone or Zoom or Skype or pen-and-paper. Whatever it takes… because couples need these tools now more than ever before! Make a commitment to invite 5 couples to the June 26-28 Weekend! If you’d like to mail brochures or postcards to couples, contact Roger & Annie at or just pass on the web site (678-242-WWME)! As a bonus, it is online here: and contains all the other dates for 2020 (6/26-6/28, 8/28-8/30, 10/16-10/18, and 11/13-11/15).
  3. The eSpirit needs your content – Reminder to send interesting marriage tidbits, love notes, prayer requests, dialogue questions, new recipes… anything building up marriage to for inclusion in the next issues. The site to sign up and see back issues is
  4. Calling all Priests! – We need your help getting the word out to Priests about WWME, and that they are welcome to experience it. We know there is a priest that desires to include the Sacrament of Marriage in their pastoral mission. Invite your Priest to dinner and create a friendship and let him know about our beautiful ministry!  Give your witness about your experience to him, and how it affected your marriage. The tools you learned can benefit him as well as his Parishioners needing help finding marriage resources.  This relationship can then culminate in an invitation to him to experience a weekend! They can also help by allowing WWME to do a “Super Sunday” at his Parish!  (This is a particular weekend where every mass a WWME couple gives their witness for 3 minutes.)
  5. “Dialogue-at-Home” Order – Couples are learning what we’ve know all along… being with each other all the time can be difficult. But thankfully we learned those tools on our Weekend, so that these days, it’s not too traumatic. Some dialogue questions we have done recently and want to share:
  • What is one thing you have learned about yourself or your relationship during this time of “social distancing”, and HDIFAMA?
  • What is one positive thing that has happened in your relationship since the “stay at home” order, and HDIFAMA?
  • HDIFA about spending this past month with you, day-in, and day-out? DILD.