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Top Five

Top Five WWME Notables for September

By November 11, 2017July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the Top 5 things for this month!

  1. Red Top – October 20-22 – Meet on Saturday as a WEDS group!!  So much fun with families!!  See for all the activities!  Sign up to help in any way!  Mike and Christy Maetz at Cabins are still available! Team up with another couple! See the web site for details.
  2. It’s Ministry Fair time at many parishes. If your Parish is doing a ministry fair, please contact Brooks and Brandi McElyea at brobrawwme@yahoo.comto get brochures and a trifold!  It is a great way to invite couples from your parish and hand out brochures to invite to the weekend!
  3. Low Couple Counts – We have a low number of couples signed up for September and November weekends.  Please help invite couples to the weekend!  Take a moment right now to text at least 2 couples and invite them to the Sept. 15 – 17th weekend or the Nov. 3 – 5 weekend!  Give them the website to sign up, for more information.
  4. Parish Based Inviting – Please contact Brooks & Brandi if you would like to have an inviting event at your Parish.  This is a great way to introduce couples in your Parish to the Marriage Encounter weekend!  Is your Mom’s Group, Men’s Club, Knights of Columbus, and other ministries interested in having someone come speak at their group about marriages? How about asking your pastor if you are able to hand out brochures at coffee and donuts after Mass? Contact for brochures!
  5. Get Social – Make sure to Like the GATN and Southeast WWME Facebook pages ( and, and follow us on Instagram (@gatnwwme) and Twitter (@gatnwwme). Make sure to share content you see to your own page, so that we can leverage this inviting tool! If you feel drawn to helping bring couples to the WWME Weekend, please contact Brooks & Brandi to let them know how you can use the gifts God gave you!