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Top Five

Top Five WWME Notables for July

By November 11, 2017July 28th, 2021No Comments

Below are the top 5 things for this month!

  1. Rejuvenate your marriage at the 2017 Community Enrichment on Saturday, August 26th from 12:30pm to 4:30pm at St. Andrews Catholic Church in Roswell! It’s a great way to get together with other couples in the WWME Community!!  Encourage your WEDS Sharing Group to come together!  Watch for more announcements and the community web site to sign up in the next week! There will be a modest $10.00 cost per couple, and babysitting will be provided.
  2. The Top 3 Priorities in this Top 5 are (as usual) invite, 2. Invite, and 3. INVITE! We need more couples for the July 28th weekend!!  Please help invite by dusting off at your invitee list. You know the one from the Sunday of your weekend when the teams asked you to write a list of couples that you would like to tell about this weekend and put it on your fridge!  Call and e-mail 5 couples!!  WE have room in July!!!  The remaining weekends are Sep. 15 to 17, and Nov. 3 – 5th.  Go to to sign up.
  3. If your Marriage Encounter weekend was more than 5 years ago, consider going on another weekend!  The outline has been updated, and so has your relationship! Couples who go on a 2nd weekend are heard to say, “We got more out of it this time!”, and “I didn’t remember hearing that the last time”, or “Now we really understand dialogue!” We encourage you to go on an “Anniversary Weekend”!!
  4. The 34th Annual Red Top Family Event is coming! Friday, October 20-Sunday October 22! This year, every single Cottage is available! Costs of cottages are usually $360 (1 bath) or $414 (2 bath), and splitting with another couple is very typical. Cabins go first to Red Top volunteers, and there are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available! Contact Mike & Christy Maetz, our Red Top Coordinators at 678-773-2097 or
  5. Finally, Bring WEDS B.A.C.K.! Rejuvenate our WEDS Sharing Group and WWME Community by remembering these 4 things:
    • Boast! – Let other Sharing Groups know about your accomplishments! A group outing, caroling at a nursing home, a new baby or grand-child! Send a Love Note to !
    • Affirm! – Give kudos to other Sharing Groups that may have hosted an event you attended. Tell everyone about something nice someone in the Community did for you… brought you a meal, or visited or gave a phone call… not just a Like on your Facebook page! Send a Love Note to !
    • Challenge! – Lay down the gauntlet to another Sharing Group about coming up with the best Red Top auction item, or make a challenge about who could invite the most couples to the next WWME Weekend! This builds up our community as a whole (as long as it’s done civilly ). Send the challenge to !
    • Know! – Work together or visit with other Sharing Groups! We are a big community, but you can get bogged down in your own little world. God calls us to be outward looking, and it’s powerful to know how big our community really is! One of the best ways to do this, is attend the 2018 Convention in Lombard, IL on June 22-24! It’s the 50th Anniversary of WWME! Learn more at Come join the rest of our Region 5 community!