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Last fall at Red Top many of you made Christmas Cards out of bright green paper, gold markers and pictures from old Christmas cards. The cards were for Father Kevin Peek and the USA Soldiers he serves in Afghanistan. Many of you promised the soldiers that you would pray for them; say Rosaries, offer your Masses. We were very impressed by the words of love and support you put into the cards you made. We boxed up and sent nearly 100 cards early last November. We continued to pray for Chaplin Peek and his men every night, knowing that even if our small carton of cards never got all the way to Afghanistan, God would hear our prayers from here in Georgia. Well, we want you to know that the beautiful Christmas Cards that you made were received. And your prayers are being answered by God. They are still making a difference and providing protections for those soldiers so far away.

We recently received a “Thank You” note that was addressed to “Worldwide Marriage Encounter c/o Dave & Ronnie” and sent to our parish, St Andrew’s in Roswell. The note was from the Chaplain over there who distributed the cards you made. He wrote “Your prayers, support and love are worth more than you know – Be assured of our love!” He also wrote, “I cannot begin to tell you how true it is that your support has returned more than we could have predicted… the daily attitudes of our soldiers have been bolstered and guided by your cards, rosaries and prayers. Thank you – most importantly for the prayers. God knows how many ’near misses’ we have had, too many to mention; and luck has nothing to do with it. God bless you, and thru you – the world!”