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WWME Precious Memories Shared

By May 21, 2018July 28th, 2021No Comments

As the GATN Encounter Application Couple, we “man” the WWME hotline to our area. Just yesterday it rang, and I (Roger) picked it up with my usual “Hello, Marriage Encounter. How can I help you?”. A faint voice on the other end said, “Is this Marriage Encounter?” I affirmed her, and she started to explain her call. I asked her to pause, while I put her on speaker so Annie could hear as well. I didn’t want her to miss this! She introduced herself as Kathleen Kjeldgaard, and that at her nursing home in Warner Robbins, GA where is a member of Sacred Heart. She had the Eucharist brought to her by someone from St. Patrick’s nearby, and she also brought the Sunday Bulletin. Kathleen was looking through it, and saw the WWME logo and bulletin announcement for the next Weekend. She said it brought back fond memories of when her and her husband Lewis, aka “Lew” attended in 1976 in Hawaii where he was stationed with the Air Force.They were raising 5 boys, and she said it was a wonderful and beautiful experience! While she and Lew didn’t write love letters everyday, she said they always ended the day saying the Our Father while holding hands. He passed in 1997 but she still remembers the joy. She wanted us to know, and to keep spreading the word of God to Families!

All of you, keep doing God’s work! Seeds must be spread far and wide!

Roger & Annie Borrello